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Is it good to produce coal in CG ?

Is it good to produce coal in CG ?Is it good to produce coal in CG cg to g g to cg conversion

Coal deposits in India are of power grade coal. Chhattisgarh dependent mainly in CSEB & NTPC in Korba. They are the major producer in CG for thermal power. So is it CG state only in India whose potential for producing coal is greater with respect to other states? 

Also pollution is increasing and the production of coal increased from 10 billion to 14 billion target. Now there is great need of renewable and other energy sources to be find out.

So we need to deeply think in this situation what coal brings to us, what situations we are facing in terms of coal. India has fifth largest coal reserve, also India is moving towards its journey as a manufacturing hub. So there is great need of power to sustain our country. Despite of that we have to think of other reliable energy sources.

CG keyword related Conversion calculation :

1 : g to cg conversion (
Grams to Centigrams Conversion)
     Formula : cg = g * 100

1 gram is 100 centigrams.

2 : cg to g conversion (
Centigrams to Grams Conversion)

1 centigram = 0.01 grams
    Formula : g = cg * 0.01

Note : gram and centigram are metric system mass units.

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