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Indian migrant workers department new recruitment notice 2020


Indian migrant workers recruitment notice 2020

This COVID 19 pandemic snatched many migrant workers their running jobs. They went to their hometown in search of food. But again now they are willing to migrate to get job for their livelihood.

Shramik Bandhu app is launched so that they can search according to the category and location. Seasonal migration is the main problem in India. Because of flood and disasters happening in our country they are deprived of their homes and willing to work everywhere.

We are listing some of the ways by which they can earn something in their own hometown.

* Doing Digital Marketing, Blogging, Youtubing, Making videos on apps like Insta Reels, Mx Takatak, SnackVideo and Moj etc. If they have internet they can find someways to earn in home.

* Applying on indeed and naukri dot com sites to find local jobs. If they are educated atleast 10th or matriculate.

* Making some art and crafts with their own skills. They can sell their beautiful works in local areas. May be they can sometime become of the best Enterpreneur. They can sell their homemade products on amazon and flipkart like ecommerce sites.

* Migrant workers can gather and make small groups. Everyone can fund little amount and open something which they can do to earn. Because unity in pandemic like situations helps very much.

* Lastly if they don't want to do something by their own. They can join some company or plant in their nearby areas because migrating and getting jobs can deprive of their hometown as well as facilities.

Above are the ways they can do to earn their living, in my opinion they should gather and open something by funding little amount. making some small scale goods.

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