How to search for job fair(Rojgar mela) on NCS portal

An employer should find out online upcoming rojgar melas and Events on the NCS portal and then register him/her themselves for specific Job fairs and meetings. List of rojgar melas can be accessed from Job Fair portal and Section tab of NCS Home Page. Employer can click on a Job Fair link displayed in the outer section or Employer can also search & click on View tab.
All link will navigate to National Career Service Calendar Page, which displays the list of all Events published on NCS Portal Job Fairs.

National Career Service Calendar Page has various parameters to search for an Event / Job Fair. The results of search are conducted by an employee based on their search filter criteria (state, industry, and sector)  as a listing will be displayed. 

Search for Job Fairs - Follow these steps to search for Job Fairs: 

1. Ensure that the Job Fairs tab is selected on the NCS Calendar page. 

2. Define search filter criteria (State, District, and Industry). Note: The District and Industry filters allow you to make multiple selections. 

3. Select availability check box(es) as required (Past Event/Job Fair, Ongoing Event/Job Fair, and Upcoming Event/Job Fair). 

4. Click the Search button. 

5. The results display in List and Month formats: a. In List Format i. Results of job fairs that match your search criteria display in list format by default. This list displays search results for three months (current month and two months in the future).

Job Fair List :
i. Results of job fairs(rojgar melas) that match the search criteria display in list format by default. This list will display search results for 3 months (current month and 2 months in the future).
ii. To view the details of a particular job fair, you can either click the title of the job fair in the list or click the Click here for details link for that listing. 

iii. The details of the selected Job Fair are displayed on a pop-up. 

iv. Important: Since these all are Online/Digital Job Fairs, so the “Job Fair venue “for these Job Fairs will show “NCS Portal” and the user needs to use our Portal services for shortlisting candidates against a Posted Job.

Participate in a Job Fair Follow these steps to participate in a particular job fair: 

1. Ensure that the pop-up are displaying all details of the rojgar mela, you want to participate in, is open
2. Next, click the Proceed button. The Job Fair Details page displays.
3. For participating in a Job Fair, Employer needs to add Jobs in the Job Fair. 4. Click Add Jobs to Job Fair link, page opens.

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