The Strange And Amazing Phenomenon Of Reverse Waterfalls : Caught on Camera

Torrential rainfall and wild weather in Australia have led to among nature'' s stranger phenomenons being caught on electronic camera. At the Royal National Forest near Sydney, water flew in reverse over a cliff rather of dropping.

The magnificent reverse waterfalls were captured on camera this Monday as winds reaching the speed of 70 kmph battered the national park shoreline. Videos published to the Bundeena visitor website show strong winds blowing water in reverse - sending it flying over a cliff even as rainy waves crashed the coastline below.
The aerial video recorded two waterfalls close together on the side of the cliff top which, according to the Daily Mail, is part of a popular coastal walk near Bundeena.

" 70km/h gusts battering the Royal National Park shoreline have resulted in the production of spectacular reverse waterfalls as captured in this video," wrote Royal National Park on Facebook, sharing a link to the jaw-dropping footage.

The town of Bundeena and close-by Maianbar faced small flooding due to the weather. The town'' s primary ferry service needed to be cancelled due to big sea swells, while a big stone moved onto the road due to heavy rain, blocking access to the waterfall. Locals have actually been encouraged to stay at home.

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