Coronovirus is the end of an era ?

Indian migrant employees facing end of a period as the world  factory unwind in the middle of coronavirus, India-China trade war.

After spending more than half her life working in factories in Delhi,Rajasthan. 25 years as a migrant employee might be concerning an end within a month, with the coronavirus and India-China trade war leading to another factory closure in India withering export-oriented manufacturing market.

Rao and her other half live in a 100 sq ft space with a shared bathroom, costing 250 yuan (US$ 40) each month. There are couple of designs or furniture other than a bunk bed, rice cooker, hot water heater and an electric fan. A small folding desk which likewise works as a table, a couple of plastic chairs and a little flat screen television hanging on one wall total a far from elegant lifestyle.

The couple keep 3 sets of fitness instructors and one set of wedged women's shoes on a small rack at the door, a modest collection of shoes for an employee who had actually been in the organisation for over a quarter of a century.

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